5 Reasons Why Sterling Silver Jewelry Is A Great Idea!

5 Reasons Why Sterling Silver Jewelry Is A Great Idea!

Jewelry is like the perfect spice, it complements what’s already there’, said Diane Von Furstenberg, and we wholeheartedly agree! Be it necklaces, earrings and pendants of different kinds, the right jewelry can do wonders to enhance the appeal of your outfit. And if you’re looking for versatile, beautiful jewelry that’s great value for money, then sterling silver jewelry is just the thing!

Here are some of the many reasons we simply love wearing sterling silver jewelry, and why you should too!

What is sterling silver?

First off, let’s understand what sterling silver really is. It’s an alloy (or a mix) of 92.5% pure silver, and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. You’d be surprised to know that sterling silver has an ancient history - it’s been in use since the 12th century! Pure silver is very soft, which is why adding another metal such as copper makes it stronger.

Now, let’s find out the reasons behind its timeless appeal:

1.Versatility: Be it formal office wear or a cute summer dress, sterling silver jewelry’s incredible versatility makes it look great with any outfit. Its subtle color means that any precious stone will look beautiful when paired with it - be it emerald, sapphire or ruby! Which is why you see many of the latest jewelry designs in sterling silver. Looking to spice things up? Pair your sterling silver chain with a snazzy pendant for a dramatic effect. For the days you want to keep it delicate and pretty, go for a pendant with CZ crystals in subtles shades such as pink.

2.Durable: Pure silver is a very soft metal, and can be easily alloyed with other metals to make sterling silver. The result is a metal that’s harder, durable and a better candidate to fashion jewelry out of. You may see some of the trendiest new jewelry designs are made out of sterling silver because this metal is strong and easy to work with. If you keep a few simple care tips in mind, sterling silver jewelry can last you for decades!

3.All-day appeal: While some of your jewelry (such as gold) may look good only on certain occasions and time of day, sterling silver pieces are great for all-day wear! Got a late-night party to rush to after work? Your lovely sterling silver necklace will work for both occasions! Go for a thin sterling silver necklace with a bright pendant to add some bling to your workwear. And believe us, the same necklace will go beautifully with a little black dress too!

4.Cost-effective: Often, buying jewelry made of costlier metals can be an expensive affair, which is why your collection stays limited. But that’s not the case with sterling silver. It’s quite easy on the pocket without compromising on its beauty or durability. This means that you can not only buy more jewelry for the same budget but also update your collection more often!

5.Easy to maintain: Aside from being pocket-friendly, one of the biggest advantages of sterling silver is its low-maintenance properties. Pure silver tarnishes easily when exposed to air, On the other hand, sterling silver is much a harder alloy and doesn’t tarnish that easily. This means that your collection will stay tarnish-free and serve you for a long time!

MiouAmor Recommends

As you can see, there are many reasons to love sterling silver, and we’ve picked some of the best pieces that are a must-have for your jewelry collection!

Our signature Miouamor pendant is as versatile as it’s gorgeous. A heart-shaped CZ pendant catches the light brilliantly while surrounded with champagne pink CZ crystals. Set in a heart-shaped sterling silver frame, it also makes for the perfect gift for the one you love! Not only that, the pendant comes with a delicate 8-inch sterling silver chain as well. Be it a daytime hangout or a glamorous evening, this piece promises to look fabulous on you.

Pro-tip: In the mood to experiment? Simply pair the pendant with any other chains you may have to mix up your style.

Go ahead and explore our lovingly curated sterling silver jewelry collection, we’ve got some fabulous limited-edition designs on offer. Keep shining!

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